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    La artrosis se produce junto con otros tipos de artritis, como la gota o la artritis reumatoide. Tiende a afectar las articulaciones más usadas, como las manos y la columna, y aquellas que soportan peso, como las caderas y las rodillas. Medical Definition of Arthrosis.
    An arthrosis ( joint) is usually formed of fibrous connective tissue and cartilage. Joints are grouped according to their motion: a ball and socket joint; a hinge joint; a condyloid joint ( a joint that permits all forms of angular movement except axial rotation) ; a pivot joint; gliding joint; and a saddle joint. You should also add the template { { Translated| pl| Artrosis} } to the talk page.
    For more guidance, see Wikipedia: Translation. Artrosis is a Polish gothic metal band founded in 1995 in Zielona Góra. In the band was nominated to Fryderyk, an annual award in Polish music.
    Shoulder arthrosis ( omarthrosis) Mostly there are changes in the structures around the joint, such as fissures or calcifications in the muscle- tendon sheath that cause inflammatory changes in the bursa between the bony roof and the muscle- tendon sheath. These changes are often chronic. Although the affected people cannot be cured,. Arthritis: What’ s the Difference?
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